molding is appropriate for many different applications. Most notably, blow molding is used to create a wide variety of bottles and canisters. If you are looking for a custom packaging solution for your product, let us work with you to help with the design and manufacturing of the perfect solution.

Fedcor Global LLC is based in North Carolina and does all manufacturing in China, where their team monitors all aspects of your production. Some of the special finishes Fedcor offers are soft touch paint, metalized finishes, and hydro-imaging (or hydro-dip). Let Fedcor finish off your perfect design with a custom label or with distinctive printing directly onto your bottle or canister.

Fedcor Global

Fedcor Global is a US-based sourcing company that provides global manufacturing services for the production of injection molding, blow molding, packaging, custom keypads, membrane switches, elastomeric connectors, flex circuits, mesh screen, sheet metal, and machined parts. [Baselodge represents Fedcor in TEXAS, NEW MEXICO, OKLAHOMA, ARKANSAS, and LOUISIANA]

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