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Baselodge divides its medical activities into two very different categories: medical device manufacturing and pharmasourcing. In 2007, Dr. Samuel Lockwood joined the staff to provide us with an invaluable resource in providing our clients with additional consulting services in these areas. You can read more about Dr. Lockwood here, including access to a list of his selected publications, issued U.S. patents and published patent applications.

Medical device manufacturing

KDI_CertificateBaselodge Group represents Klugē Design, Inc. (KDI), an outstanding custom medical device manufacturer in the Twin Cities area. Click either image on this page to visit the Klugē website. [Baselodge represents KDI in TEXAS, NEW MEXICO, OKLAHOMA, ARKANSAS, LOUISIANA, and MICHIGAN]

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Pharmasourcing at Baselodge Group began in 2007 to accommodate today’s dynamic pharmaceutical and nutraceutical landscape, in which drug discovery and development companies may need to leverage their core expertise to provide the infrastructure, personnel, and other resources necessary to bring a product to market. Similarly, as a sea change occurs in the manufacturing sector for large manufacturers with excess capacity, and as dedicated outsource providers seek to grow their revenues, a novel approach to connecting these members of the supply chain is being introduced into this space.

Borrowing from the mature—and established—electronics manufacturing services paradigm at Baselodge, the company is currently in the process of providing the education and information necessary to both contract manufacturers and their potential customers for the mutual benefit of these sometimes disconnected members of the supplement and drug development continuum.

Our success in pharmasourcing at Baselodge Group is based on our ability to establish business relationships among potential partners whereby both customer and supplier recognize the value of the mutually beneficial relationship. In its early stages, this requires education of customers and service suppliers of the value of the manufacturer’s representative paradigm that works exceedingly well in the analogous space of electronics manufacturing services.

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