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As independent manufacturers’ reps, the staff at Baselodge Group represents some of the most capable custom manufacturers in the world. Let us match you up with our manufacturers to provide you with a quotation for the production of your products.

Why custom manufacturing?

Allowing a custom manufacturer to produce some or all of a product frees the OEM to operate more price competitively and to focus on the development of their intellectual property (IP), which most feel is their core and distinctive competency. By eliminating the overhead of building and maintaining their own factory, OEMs and drug development firms can put their capital to work in more profitable areas.

In addition to conservation of capital, contract manufacturing allows customers to scale their production rapidly. If the customer needed 10,000 units this month, but forecasts a need for 20,000 units next month, a new forecast is submitted to the CM which drives purchasing of the raw materials and components necessary to fulfill that new order. Conversely, if the forecast drops from 10,000 units to 5,000 units, the CM is notified through a new forecast. Employment scaling up and down is reserved for the CM to manage.

What about my IP and/or formulas?

CMs sign confidentiality agreements (usually wrapped into the manufacturing contracts) that protect the customer’s IP and formulas. The CM has no claim on your products. They strictly serve as your outsourced factory. Any CM that engages in illegal or unethical activity destroys their reputation and pays a very high penalty for their actions.

If you would like for us to provide a quote for your project or if you would like to discuss how it might be a fit for Baselodge Group, please use the Contact Us link or submit your RFQ by clicking on the Request a Quote button.

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