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2 December 2008

College Football Playoff Time

Disclaimer: This article has nothing to do with Baselodge Group’s business. My friends and clients who read this blog will forgive me this diversion from work. I am a passionate college football fan, and I want to use this podium to express my thoughts. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Texas Ex […]

5 November 2008

Learning about Aluminum

This article is cross-posted at Artful Sourcing. A current project I am helping with requires aluminum extrusion. I am currently in the process of bringing a high quality extrusion supplier on my line card at Baselodge Group, but this customer’s project requires a special type of supplier. Having worked in electronics contract manufacturing for a […]

29 October 2008

The Baselodge Design Connection

On the Artful Sourcing blog I recently wrote an article on Where To Find Great Design. That article identifies an online resource for locating design and engineering firms that specialize in different disciplines. Some people have asked why Baselodge Group does not represent any design firms. Since we are the sales representatives for a variety […]

6 October 2008

Jott is a Helpful Tool

2/3/2009 Update: Since I wrote this article Jott made the decision to go to a subscription-based product. Friends had already been singing the praises of Evernote, so I switched to it a couple of weeks ago. Evernote has both a web version and an iPhone version, which is the one I use. I am very […]

3 October 2008

Review of CTEA Vendor Show & Technical Program

On Wednesday of this week I attended the annual Central Texas Electronics Association Vendor Show in Austin. The event took place at the new Norris Conference Center at Northcross Mall. This was my first visit to Norris, and I was favorably impressed by the facility. The technical program was very good with informative presentations by […]

26 June 2008

How Can an MR Help Me?

In many industries this question is unnecessary. The role of manufacturers’ reps (MRs) is well understood in those industries. For example, Baselodge Group represents electronics manufacturers  in the EMS side of our business.  The firms that we represent understand well the role of the rep. In fact, in nearly all cases, the manufacturer found us […]

26 June 2008

Why I Enjoy My Job

As a manufacturers’ representative, my job is selling. Like all salespeople, there is a thrill to selling that I find irresistible. I have always enjoyed selling products and services that I believe in. While the thrill of sales is one of the reasons I enjoy my job, that is not the reason I enjoy my […]

1 May 2008

Reflections on Starting a Business

This article is cross-posted in Artful Sourcing. May 1, 2008 marks the two year anniversary of Baselodge Group as a company. It seems like a good time to reflect back on the challenges we have faced, the triumphs, the disappointments, and the future outlook. Not Our First Rodeo Baselodge Group is not the first company […]

29 April 2008

South Bay Circuits Wins Awards

Baselodge Group has represented South Bay Circuits for almost two years. We have been proud to offer South Bay’s bare board manufacturing, PCB assembly, and backplane assembly services to our clients in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Yesterday South Bay announced that they are recipients of three service excellence awards from a leading industry publication. Circuits […]

17 April 2008

Welcome to the Pharmasourcing Blog

Thank you for visiting the Baselodge pharmasourcing blog. Please check back often for articles about pharmaceutical and nutraceutcal manufacturing as well as articles related to R&D and regulatory issues. The primary author of the pharmasourcing blog is Baselodge VP Samuel F. Lockwood, M.D. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed in order to stay […]

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