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25 February 2010

Extrusion Technology Gains ITAR Certification

Baselodge Group represents Extrusion Technology (X-Tech) and their line of aluminum extruded enclosures, faceplates, and bezels in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. X-Tech recently achieved ITAR certification, which demonstrates their strong commitment to the needs of their defense and security customers. The X-Tech press release with details of their compliance can be found here. For […]

1 February 2010

Outsourcing or Offshoring?

This article is cross-posted on the Artful Sourcing blog: I recently read an article that incorrectly defined outsourcing as offshoring. It might be helpful to some readers to review these terms and their proper application. Outsourcing is the use of resources outside of one’s own organization to accomplish a business need. These resources could […]

10 August 2009

Sharing Large Files with YouSendIt

This article has been cross-posted in the Artful Sourcing blog. Thanks to John over at Fedcor Global, I have become a satisfied user of, a service that makes sharing large files a snap. Those of us in the manufacturing and sourcing industry have frequent needs to send and receive large files. For years I […]

4 May 2009

My First 1,095 Days in Office

President Obama’s first 100 days in office were commemorated and scrutinized last week, as is customary in the US. Last Friday, May 1, 2009, Baselodge Group celebrated the completion of our third year in business. That is 1,095 days, but who’s counting? As all businesses must do, we have planned for the future, adapted as […]

20 February 2009

Sheffield on Embedded Systems

My friend Jimmy Sheffield has written an excellent article on embedded systems on the Artful Sourcing blog. You can find the article at this link. Jimmy is founder of Level 3 Systems and is an authority on embedded systems and electronics development in general. Without reservation I recommend Jimmy and Level 3 Systems for contract […]

12 February 2009

The Joy of the Factory

This article is cross-posted in Artful Sourcing. Disclaimer: I am well aware of the historical and current conditions in some factories and that many factories have been and are places of injustice for workers. The impressions I share in this article are not intended to deny such problems or minimize them. The types of factories […]

22 January 2009

Outsourcing in 2009

With the New Year and a new administration underway, I wonder what 2009 will mean for our overall economy and for outsourcing in particular? When we launched Baselodge Group in 2006 to serve customers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and New Mexico, we decided to focus on being “outsourcing specialists.” We knew that the word […]

8 January 2009

Moving Beyond My Planner to GTD

Cross-posted in Artful Sourcing. I have been as devoted a user of the Franklin-Covey planner system as anyone could have been since 1996. It has been a loyal companion of mine for over twelve years now. In fact, my term of endearment for my planner is “my brain.” When I dropped it few days ago […]

23 December 2008

Is Inbox Zero Real?

It’s the night before the night before Christmas. New Year’s resolutions are starting to dance in my head. This time of year always allows me to review the year that is coming to a close and to look for ways to improve the way I work. A few days ago my wife’s cousin, Chris, recommended […]

18 December 2008

Baselodge Now Representing Extrusion Technology (X-Tech)

Baselodge Group is happy to announce that we are now the Texas representatives for Extrusion Technology, Inc. (X-Tech) out of Randolph, MA. X-Tech is a leading supplier of mechanical systems for circuit board technology and other embedded systems. X-Tech offers excellent in-house design assistance and manufacturing of custom faceplates, bezels, custom extrusions, extruded enclosures, AMC […]

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