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16 February 2012

Hart Technologies SIPS Fleet Tracking

Baselodge Group is proud to announce that we have begun a relationship with Hart Technologies, LLC of Troy, TN to sell their SIPS line of fleet tracking products in Baselodge Territory. SIPS stands for Safety Information & Protection System, and the product line is perfect for any company or organization with a fleet of vehicles […]

14 November 2011

Baselodge Goes to China

Almost since the inception of Baselodge Group we have offered one or more manufacturing solutions in China along with our many US-based solutions. We have quite a few customers that do their manufacturing through our suppliers in China. However, I had never been able to visit China until last week. One of our clients has […]

11 October 2011

Vital Patent Information

At Baselodge Group we work with a variety of customers, both large and small. Large companies usually have a good handle on their intellectual property (IP) issues and may even have in-house attorneys that handle their IP portfolio. For smaller firms or individual inventors, the patent field can seem daunting. I interviewed James Babineau, an […]

3 October 2011

XTech Becomes CBT Technology Inc.

Today it was announced that Extrusion Technology, Inc. is being renamed CBT Technology Inc., effective today, to better align around the fact that the company is not an extrusion-focused company, but rather “Your Front Panel and Enclosure Source.” The great XTech and Triple E brands are all in the CBT family, along with the Purcell […]

27 April 2011

Die Casting Resource

Part I of our Artful Sourcing series on castings can be found here. Part II of our series will be posted this week, but if you are interested in exploring die casting further, I want to recommend the excellent website of the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA). This helpful resource not only provides a […]

31 December 2010

Bringing in 2011 at Be Our Guest B&B in Pagosa Springs

Margot and I are in Pagosa Springs, Colorado on this New Year’s Eve doing some skiing at Wolf Creek, celebrating our 30th anniversary, and reconnecting with dear friends. We have also met some wonderful new friends Tom and Pam Schoemig at Be Our Guest Bed and Breakfast in Pagosa Springs. We are staying in the […]

16 December 2010

iPhones & the US China Trade Deficit

This article is cross-posted in the Artful Sourcing blog: Apple’s wildly successful iPhone line is a bright shining testimony to American design and engineering. Can it really be that such a great American product is actually adding to the United States’ trade deficit with China? Given the current way trade deficits and surpluses are […]

6 August 2010

Article on Metal Casting Manufacturing

Check out my latest article on metal casting manufacturing over at Artful Sourcing. The article includes some informative videos on the various methods of casting. In association with T-Tec Sales, we proudly represent Chicago White Metal for zinc, aluminum, and magnesium die casting.

4 June 2010

XTech Online Store a Bonanza for Designers/Buyers

XTech‘s online store just got a lot better. Customers can now access a wide array of design resources like drawings and 3D models. In addition, the number of products available for purchase in the online store has increased dramatically. Do you need an extruded enclosure? A standard front panel? A filler panel? No problem. The […]

30 April 2010

XTech & Triple E Make an Impression

This article is cross-posted in Artful Sourcing. I’m sitting at the Boston airport preparing to return to Baselodge Country. I just spent a couple of days with the XTech and Triple E team for the Extrusion Technology Global Sales Meeting in Taunton, MA. There is no substitute for meeting face-to-face with the people who actually […]

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