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How does a manufacturers’ representative differ from a direct sales rep?

Manufacturers’ representatives are under contract with the manufacturer to sell and service accounts in their territory. The manufacturer incurs no expense for marketing until their product is sold. The representative is then paid a commission based on the net price of the sale after the manufacturer has been paid by the customer. As opposed to a direct sales force, manufacturers’ reps are an indirect sales force. The biggest difference between a manufacturers’ representative and a direct sales force is the expense incurred by the manufacturer. Manufacturers are obligated to pay a direct sales force whether they sell anything or not. As with all manufacturers’ reps, our customers never pay Baselodge Group directly. We are compensated by our manufacturers, but have every incentive to support our customers and ensure they are satisfied.

Isn’t it better to deal directly with the manufacturer?

We are direct extensions of our manufacturers. As commissioned sales people, we are more strongly motivated to handle all your problems in a timely manner than someone who is on salary might be. We take a very personal interest in the success of your project and are dedicated to making your experience with Baselodge Group and our manufacturers one that will keep you coming back to us for your future projects.

Aren’t a representative and a distributor the same thing?

In a word, no. Distributors may sell many different brands of any given part and keep parts in stock. A representative sells exclusively for one manufacturer and does not stock anything.

How do I know that you are a reputable company and that I can trust you?

  • Baselodge Group personnel bring more than eighty years of professional sales experience to both customers and manufacturers.
  • We are dedicated to living up to the reputation we have built for exceptional quality and service.
  • Most of our relationships with customers are under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  • Our desire is for a long-term mutually beneficial relationship. It can only be long-term if we rigorously keep our promises and offer outstanding customer service.
  • We are proud of our membership in MANA, the trade group dedicated to increasing professionalism in manufacturers’ representatives.


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